About us

We set out  to do things differently… and we have.

At Gainz Fitness, we strive to deliver premium workout apparel that shows off your gainz, motivates you and those around you. Our exclusive lines of fitness clothing are limited, so you avoid that awkward moment when you're wearing exactly the same top as the person next to you.

Whether its mens fitness clothing, womens fitness clothing or accessories you're after, we have a good range to choose from.

Environmental awareness is a major part of our philosophy and our goal is to be carbon neutral. For example, we use eco-friendly packaging – our mailing bags are 100% biodegradable and we only print on recycled paper.  

We believe that we have been resourceful, imaginative, enterprise and  ingenious in creating the fitquality and overall design of each and every garment. 

We don’t make clothing for the average. 

Our custom size options, for a start, are testimony to that. People are not made in small, medium and large after all. This is why we offer shorter length leggings as well as longer length leggings. We've got the mens side of things covered too, with shorter length and longer length joggers. 

Designed by fitness oriented people for fitness oriented people.

Go on, show us your Gainz!