HENRY Charity

HENRY: Why we support this charity

We didn’t just start Gainz Fitness on the premise of making a quick buck or to seek Instagram fame. We launched Gainz Fitness because we want to do better and we want to inspire others to do better too.

We chose to support the children’s charity HENRY as this charity wasn’t like any other we had come across. HENRY is a charity that’s all about prevention rather than cure. Prevention of what is now an epidemic in the UK: childhood obesity.

HENRY works alongside parents and their children to support them to make healthier lifestyle choices. They encourage healthy eating and an active lifestyle from a young age in order to give children the best possible start in life. Their work helps to reduce the chances of the children they work with becoming just another statistic.

We have pledged a percentage of our profits to HENRY. We hope to make a difference and it’s our aim to be an outstanding fitness brand and one that’s different from the rest. We thank you for your support on our journey.

For more information about HENRY please visit their website www.henry.org.uk

To make your own donation to HENRY visit: